About 0.1g no gosan

The band formed in December 2015 and became official on March 24, 2016

they're a very unknown band with only ~2000 monthly listeners on spotify

The only time the member lineup changed was when Daisuke (bassist) had to leave due to lung collapse. (May 13 2017) but returned on May 28 2017

At their peak, they were considered one of "the big four of visual kei" alongside La'cryma Christi, Fanatic Crisis and Shazna.

On December 11, 2001, it was announced that Malice Mizer would not be performing anymore.

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the proceedings of richly colored japonism
1.Samurai SE 2.Cherry Blossoms! Sunny Samurai Cheer Song 3.Selfish Fairytale Syndrome 4.Iris Will 5.Super Melodic Speed Runaway-Neovisia Rock Parodius- 6.Relief Butterfly 7.Despair Membrane Girl 8.~Revolution and Dawn~

"heisei miscalculation daizen - volume 2
1.Dote SE 2.YandereBoy 3.Platinum 4.Disassed Love Story 5. 【L】1126【Tragedy】 6. [K] 0626 【Craving】 7.ZOMBIE's LOVE LETTER 8.Man Fighting Spirit War Burns Out Miscalculation LightKilling Gun 9.Fate of Rare Species 10.Truth 11.Astraia's Death 12.Astraia's Reincarnation

"heisei miscalculation daizen - volume 2 (mail order edition)
1. Dote SE 2.The Annihilation of Astria 3. [L] 1126 [tragedy] 4.Wolf man and moon rabbit 5.Abandoned love story 6.Platinum 7.Doted love Yandere boy 8.Pray for the resuscitation of desire and hairlessness like black magic Rhapsody ~ Rhapsody ~ 9.The fate 10.Man Fighting Spirit War Burns Miscalculated Light Killing Gun 11.Millennial Love Song - May Rain 12.Leftover Parselina 13.Chaotic Villakk parodius - 14.Reincarnation of Astria

Heisei Gosan Taizen
1.Shin SE 2.NEVER ENDING 3.【S】0723【Shuuen】 4.Hissatsu! Karakuri Shichihenge! 5.Zettai PRETTY Seimeitai -Midorikawa no THEME- 6.Shakunetsusuru Gouon no Senritsu to Moukon ni Sasage Chinkonka~REQIUEM~ 7.Tsukuyomi SENTIMENTAL 8.Tekisasu, TEXAS 9.Konna Bokura, Dou desuka? 10.Inner Light 11.Kimiiro TWILIGHT 12.21g no Kanjou 13.Yuugai MENHERA DOLL

1.Yuugai MENHERA DOLL 2.【K】0626【Katsubou】 3.Yuugai MENHERA DOLL (instrumental)

Band Members

You Midorikawa
Birthday - September 2 1987
Blood type - AB

Tomoyuki Kawamaru
Birthday- August 2
Blood type - AB

Mari Mizuta
Birthday - December 30
Blood type - A

Daisuke Masaki
Birthday - February 2
Blood Type - A

Ira Kanzaki
Birthday - February 9
Blood Type - B